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It is thought the Ports Authority may have requested someone to take away the tank. MOIP it seems put out a young for the tank. Then, mysteriously, the tank disappeared. Enquiries manufactured from the highest line security guards on the wharf gate revealed a truck had carried the tank away from the wharf company website and it may now be somewhere in Betela. MOIP nonetheless has the tank underneath tender. Isn’t it nice NZ money constructed some new single and two bedroom properties in Aitutaki?

Visiting Cookie from Melbourne says it’s so easy to fix pot holes within the road he can not perceive why our persons are muckin’ about and never doing a correct jobbie. In Aussie he says concrete is poured in to carry the stones in place earlier than being covered by nice gravel. Over right here it seems we've a love affair with pot holes. Word is chooks a couple of highflyers may quickly be cut off at the knees as proof piles up against one particularly. Watch for whispers to achieve the ears of an overseas constabulary. Why does authorities depend in the variety of Cook Islanders coming house to see family?

Who is the SOE chief that denies anyone else significantly locals the possibility to tackle two senior technical positions in his organization? On high of his own boss hat, he has additionally been wearing these two further hats for the earlier few years. Is he getting paid excessive duty allowances for appearing in these positions? Did he convince his board that the group will save almost $100k per yr if they don’t recruit anyone however enable him to behave in these positions at a much cheaper cost? It shall be interesting to know if there was a deal struck, since these senior positions weren’t advertised. Hope this concern comes underneath the radar of the brand new CIIC board chairman.

Did authorities wish to go into debt? Chooks the new Education Ministry HQ is to be run on renewable power. As an incentive, the employees member who generates essentially the most power each fortnight via pedaling, shall be paid a bonus on payday. What to do in regards to the massive, very strong, iron like rock still blocking the doorway to just lately upgraded Mangaia harbour and stopping the inter-island boat from getting in alongside wharf side. The wheels of government flip slowly chooks. That’s why the official announcement of Tiki’s appointment got here out three days after the Radio Cook click for source Islands announcement.

The boat calls right here to cart cargo just for this one shop. Good to see man’s finest good friend make the entrance web page for some excellent news. You heard it first from Big moved here Red chooks. A new, regionally owned fishing vessel is on the horizon! Here’s an thought for political reform chooks! Reduce the number of MPs by strategy of elimination over a period of 5 weeks by operating a “Political Idol” competition!

Many lights have been seen bobbing on the ocean waves at night in that space. And here’s another leak-word is a Chinese firm is in search of to install 150 solar powered street lights from the Airport to the National Auditorium in time for the Pacific Leader’s Forum in August! They shall be much like the photo voltaic lights already in place at the Sports Stadium automotive park and the Avatiu boat marina.

North Korea has supplied to dispatch a missile tipped with a small nuclear warhead however cannot assure a try this site direct hit. Iran has offered to unravel the problem with a tool recognized to be radioactive on condition we do not notify the Americans. Is this the extent we have sunk to due to not taking up the China money? Relegated to dealing with officials? A Head must discuss to a Head not a tail.

One northern MP is frantically making an attempt to get again up north on the cheap! He’s seeking to hitch a journey on any charter flying north however is having no luck! Maybe he needs to hitch a raise on a fishing boat. There’s the ACP workshop going on, subsequent there’ll be the CPA workshop and the Immigration workshop! Is there a remedy for EWS- Excessive Workshop Syndrome?

Ten coconuts will make one litre of oil. An Australian tourist was struck speechless on witnessing this occasion. Why hasn’t anybody built a reproduction of the Ark of the Covenant?

In line with present coverage, MPs spending tax payer’s cash on house flights need not submit any reviews following their journey. Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Space Ships, is click to read more alleged to be somewhat mystified however pleased with the announcement. Not to be outdone, the Cook Islands is to build a twin to the world’s tallest constructing, the lately accomplished Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It shall be built on the principle island of Aitutaki and can take up all the available land mass and canopy part of the lagoon.

Sell, who keeps refusing to hitch the local RSA, has been on a NZ pension since the age of 60 and has up to now price the NZ government more than $300,000. A native reports hearing that a large turtle that grew to become stranded on the reef at Mitiaro ended up in the pot and being chewed up by locals. No word but on what happened to the shell. Chooks count on candidates to be lining up 4 deep to apply for that recently advertised job on Muri seaside managing the operation of the latest addition to the tourism activity portfolio.