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Some rightside players despise the darksiders and they find great joy when a darksider loses. Indeed, you will often see a double cheer when a number is hit that many rightsiders are betting; that double cheer is for winning their bet and the darksider losing his bet. That is about as communal as a game can get. A shared joy, a shared sorrow, a shared enemy. I dont deny you can sometimes hear a shout or two at blackjack; sometimes if a slot player hits a big one you can hear that persons screams. But moment in and moment out, the craps tables are electric. Slot machines have many stagnant moments, some lasting for hours. Now, for me, the communality of the game can actually cause problems. Ive often thought of craps as a controlled riot where the rioters forget that what they are betting is real money hard-earned money at that. They get so caught up in the thrill of the game that they can often lose their discipline in the emotional electricity they are experiencing.

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It was a $10 table. I played mostly the $10 once in a while would push it up a little. Short time was playing $30 but when I busted went คาสิโนออนไลน์ pantip back down to 10. I had bought in with $100. When I left the table, I had my $100. I lost $100 for the evening. Now comes the good news: My wife was winning at the tables. She played blackjack, three card poker and Mississippi stud. She had won a little on each table with her highest winnings at Mississippi Stud.

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REUTERS/Alex Brandon/Pool 3/3 By Tom Korkemeier and Andreas Rinke | BRUSSELS/BERLIN BRUSSELS/BERLIN Germany's Foreign Minister said on Monday that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's comments that NATO was obsolete had aroused concern across the 28-member alliance. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking after a meeting with alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels, said Trump's remarks contradicted views expressed by designated Defense Secretary James Mattis. He spoke also of "amazement". "I've spoken today not only with EU foreign ministers but NATO foreign ministers as well and can report that the signals are that there's been no easing of tensions," Steinmeier told reporters when asked about Trump's interview with Bild newspaper and the Times of London. "Obviously the comments from President-elect Trump, that he views NATO as obsolete, were viewed with anxiety," he said. Trump, who is due to be sworn in as president on Friday, said NATO was obsolete because it had not defended against terrorist attacks. He said also he had always had "great respect" for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but criticized her 2015 decision to allow in a wave of a million migrants as a "catastrophic mistake" that opened the door to terrorist attacks. U.S.

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